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  • 09/12/14 19:42
  • Phillip Cole from Belize
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    • 07/31/14 11:38
    • Danny Hicks from Moncton, New Brunswick
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      • 06/24/14 17:23
      • marc from corozal, Belize
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        • 06/09/14 02:00
        • Wolanski from Glide, Oregon
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          • 05/29/14 12:40
          • Alana Moors from Lethbridge Alberta
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            • 05/26/14 15:24
            • Robert DeSabatino from United States
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              • 05/25/14 19:01
              • Cherie from Ambergris Caye, Belize
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                • tim d from lansing michigan
                  • vacation ...bad idea to take an extended vacation there and see if you can ...
                  • paperwork ...then you can dig into the paperwork issues and experienced team of doctors ...
                  • residency ...of course do you qualify for residency and can you work though not ...
                  • retired ...retired from michigan dept of corrections age 56 single and want to move ...
                  • bartender ...really like to work as a bartender can i do this i think ...
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